Payment and Refund Policy

Payment and Refund Policy

Standard Payment Policy

Our goal is to help you but getting things done. Most of our tasks have set pricing.*

To make sure you get the best possible service we use our own professionals to do the work. Obviously it costs money to pay these people to help you, so we must charge a 50 percent deposit on all work.

The deposit is billed at the time you place your request.

In the event that we can not fulfill your request we will refund your deposit in full, and advise you via email that we are not able to handle your request.

Within 5 days of successfully completing your task, we will bill your credit card for the remaining 50 percent due for completing task requested.

* Custom Pricing- all requests for custom tasks will require an estimated cost and completed agreement before work will take place.

Refund Policy

North Lane Company stands by our promise to make a good business better. We do this by successfully getting things done. That means, if we cannot do a job we will refund a customer. In most cases, we will know very early on if a request cannot be done.

There are rare cases where a task we complete is not acceptable to our customer. In those cases we ask our customer to tell us the reasons for rejecting our work. In all cases we arrive at a reasonable settlement by refunding our clients or offering them a credit.

In very rare instances, where there is a repeated process of rejection with the same client, we reserve the right to refuse future work to avoid wasting time for our clients and ourselves