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Who are our clients?

People in business who need one trusted affordable source for marketing, technology and administrative help.

What problems do we solve?

Being overwhelmed, or falling behind on technology, marketing and administrative work that must be completed for business to run well.

What are the outcomes?

You can focus on your strengths by outsourcing time consuming tasks to a team of experts. Tasks like social media management, data entry, managing email and calendars, fixing slow computers, bookkeeping, website management, market research and more get done by our team.

Examples of how we help our customers


Shipping team was receiving goods off truck by keying in codes. It took time, and they were about to purchase expensive bar code scanning system to help improve things. Not being sure this was right solution, they were stuck. This task lingered on list and cost store money.


NLC evaluated all current options to scan bar codes. Met with prospective vendors. NLC then found solution in using scanners and laptops. Shipping team accepted solution and improved stock receiving. Customer is now looking at other areas to save money using these new tools.


Owner knew using Facebook for marketing was vital to his success. He attended seminars, spoke to his friends, and saw others around him prosper by marketing on Facebook. The problem was he did not know how to begin, there were so many choices and he himself was not at all technically able to do this himself.


NLC posted “ice melt” and snow removal messages on the hardware store’s Facebook page during a blizzard. Soon afterwards, droves of customers ran to store to purchase necessary items. From this point on, NLC continued to manage the store’s Facebook page to successfully drive customers into the store.


Cleaning business was doing well, but not as good as owner had hoped. It seemed little things kept holding him back. Many of his operations done the same way his parents did them many years ago. Doing things the “old way,” was costing him in sales and profits.


After NLC tackled the task of using software to schedule window cleaning, we continued over the next 6 years. On a weekly basis we would do work ranging from bookkeeping, writing sales letters, reviewing contracts, updating payroll processing and helping owner create new sales channels. Over time profits in business grew by over 50%.

Since opening up 6 years ago, I've relied on the hard work and service from North Lane to build my hardware store into a solid business.

Lou Bastone

Owner of Chappaqua Paint & Hardware Store

North Lane stands out from all others. They never fail to do what it takes to help us make Pony Express To Go Cafe successful.

Brandon Armiento

Owner of Pony Express To Go Cafe

I've known Rudy and his team at North Lane for many years. Since day one, they've been honest, hard working and dedicated to serving my best interests.

David Murry

Owner of ToolNut Store